#RolandMartinUnfiltered: Black cop who denounced police shootings fired; Trump’s self-made sham

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The jury in the trial of former Chicago Cop Jason Van Dyke, charged with murdering LaQuan McDonald, could start deliberating as early as tomorrow. afternoon. The big question, what if the jury ignores the videotape and fails to convict Van Dyke? Activists say they will shut down the city.

A black female police officer in Ohio posts an emotional video on Facebook denouncing police shootings of unarmed black men. Sometime later she is fired and now she is suing the city of Warrensville claiming racial and sex discrimination. Nakia Jones is here with her attorney, Ben Crump.

Turns out Donald Trump is rich because his daddy gave him close to half a billion dollars. I think we could all be rich if daddy dropped that much cash on us Oh, and no shock, he’s been lying about being a self-made man for years

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