Fulfilled! The Art and Joy of Balanced Living



The stress of feeling unfulfilled and as if your life is not of value can be a serious detriment to your physical, financial, emotional and spiritual health. But you are not alone in your quest for peace of mind, comfort, and overall well being. God’s word will enlighten, inspire and encourage you to keep the faith in your journey toward joy everlasting. Jacquie Hood Martin shares the wisdom of God as revealed through her personal and intimate experiences. You will discover for yourself how to find balance to manage life’s everyday encounters while…

– Learning to see your life the way God sees it despite your past
– Learning to embrace the promises of God and claim them as your own
– Discovering the key to having a thankful attitude
– Discovering the joy of living in harmony with yourself, family and friends
– Seeking to soar above life’ s tragedies and excel in all that is yours to achieve

Every child of God is entitled to the best that God has to offer. You will find yourself reveling in the love God has for you as you successfully balance your faith and future. Jacquie includes helpful tips and life changing tools founded on scripture giving you a road map to finding your own joy and fulfillment toward living a balanced life.