Amb Rice Rips Trump For Blowing Racist ‘Bullhorn’, ‘Utter Failure’ On COVID-19, Pompeo ‘1619’ Denial

Former National Security Advisor, Ambassador Susan Rice believes that America is in the midst of two pandemics … coronavirus and racism.

Rice believes both of these existential threats is a risk to our national security.

During Friday’s edition of #RolandMartinUnfiltered Ambassador Rice spoke with Roland Martin about how the flames of hate are being fanned by the nation’s bigot-in-chief and about how the ongoing pandemic are a threat to this nation.

Rice told Roland, “The dog whistle has become a bullhorn and the blower of that horn in the modern day George Wallace”, Donald Trump.

She later stated, “The president is expressing much more concern for Confederate monuments and flags than he is for the lives of Americans — over 135k of whom have died under his watch because of his utter failure to handle to coronavirus.”

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