BLM Grassroots Separates From BLM Global Network, SUES For Mismanagement Of Funds

Black Lives Matter Grassroots separates from the Black Lives Matter Global Network and sues for mismanagement of funds.

On Thursday, Melina Abdullah spoke with Roland Martin about the latest unfortunate development within the Black Lives Matter movement. Abdullah said, “understand that the Global Network Foundation is in the hands of a highly paid consultant who earned according to their own reports … I will won’t say earned I should say given himself contracts according to his own reporting of $2.2 million dollars at the beginning of 2020 alone.”

With so much confusion about the different organizations within the Black Lives Matter movement, Abdullah said, “We want to make sure that we distinguish ourselves from them”.

The alleged mismanagement of funds has prompted BLM Grassroots to file a lawsuit against the BLM Global Network.

To make matters worse, the social media accounts used by Black Lives Matter have been allegedly compromised by one of the “highly paid consultants”. Abdullah said, “Shalomyah Bowers logged us out of our own social media and is now using consultants to post on the platforms that we built over the last nine years”.

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