Eva Longoria Faces Backlash From Black Women After She Calls Latinas ‘True Election Heroines’

During a recent interview on MSNBC, actress Eva Longoria proudly proclaimed it was Latin women who were the “true heroines” of the 2020 presidential election. Longoria did acknowledge the power of Black women (“the women of color showed up in big waves”) and their massive turnout in key states like Georgia, but her initial comment came across as a slight to many viewers.

It’s no secret the impact African-American women had on the presidential election. According to exit polls, 90% of Black women voted for the Democratic candidates: Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. However, a rising number of Latina women (69%) turned out for the Biden – Harris ticket, as well.

Longoria’s sentiments were scrutinized on social media, and the actress has since released a statement clarifying her comments. Community organizer Rosa Clemente dissected Longoria’s controversial interview via #RolandMartinUnfiltered, calling the “Desperate Housewives” actress’s statements, “anti-Black.”

When I heard that, I immediately responded because it was an anti-Black statement,” Clemente said. “It is very critical even though I identify as Black or Afro-Latina, I also respect the particular freedom struggle of African-American women.”

“Many of us in the Latino community have to consistently be rooting out anti-blackness,” she added. “I think why this comment was also wrong and anti-Black was that already progressive particularly African-American women, people are already trying to erase the fact that once again, it was African-American women that delivered this win. It is African-American women that helped push out this facist…This is what white supremacy loves, so why continue to feed on that? We have work to do in our communities and she’s committed to do that work and so am I.

Clemente also mentioned that she has spoken with Longoria, and the actress plans to release another apology. Both Martin and Clemente agree: the issue of racism within the Latino community must be dealt with.

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