Republicans Attempt to Overturn ObamaCare in Supreme Court Again Without Replacement Plan

In the midst of a global pandemic, the Supreme Court discussed another Trump-led Republican lawsuit (California v. Texas) today opposing the Affordable Care Act.

On Tuesday’s #RolandMartinUnfiltered, Martin reached out to experts Dr. Patrice Harris, who recently served as the President of the American Medical Association and Dr. Leon McDougle the President elect at the National Medical Association for their remarks on the recent attempt to strike down the ACA.

“Although we should not try to predict what the ultimate outcome is, based on the questions today, at least in my mind, the justices are going to be reluctant overturning this law,” Harris said. “As you know, I am a psychiatrist, and so many more people have been able to gain access to mental health care, care for substance abuse disorders because of the ACA. That’s why the AMA filed an amicus brief… Certainly, we will all have to keep the pressure on because overturning this law would be devastating.”

Dr. McDougle noted that many people do not know the ACA still exists because the Trump administration has cut the advertisement for the initiative. As he urged viewers to visit, he stated, “20 million people losing their health insurance during a global pandemic is heartless, and unexplainable and it’s a lack of leadership.”

Later on in the segment, Martin spoke to panelists: republican strategist Joseph Pinnion, Bennett College President Julianne Malveaux, and communications strategist Kelleye Bethea about the likelihood of the ACA a.k.a ObamaCare being repealed.

The discourse between Martin and Pinnion intensified as the latter attempted to make sense of the GOP’s obstinate claims to strike down the ACA. While Pinnion and Martin agree that there should be a plan in place prior to repealing the ACA, Pinnion argued that Republicans, indeed, do have a plan.

“I think we can get stuck in a health care loop all day,” Pinnion argued. “What most Americans want is to make sure they don’t have to go bankrupt if they get sick. The issue is what is the mechanism that will allow people to do that?”

Earlier in the show, Martin mentioned that he filed for bankruptcy in 2004, after accruing massive health care costs. 64% of Americans have had to do the same as a result of excruciating health care-related bills.

Pinion and Martin continued to challenge one another in regards to whether Republicans have ever had a plan. “At any point in the last six years has the repiublican party put a plan on the table and voted in the senate?” Martin asked.

Pinnion faltered. “Republicans can oppose the ACA all day, Martin said. “The majority of Americans support it. If they support it, why are they so hellbent on trying to get rid of something that 62% of Americans say I like?”

Pinnion argued that, “the reality is most Americans like what the ACA accomplishes,” he said. “I think what republicans and many people like myself have said is the manner in which it is accomplished is not sustainable. It’s not consistent with what people think are the best practices for healthcare.”

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