Words Were Wrong?!? Roland Deconstructs Tucker’s Response To Racist Writer Blake Neff’s Resignation

Blake Neff, top writer for Fox’s Tucker Carlson Tonight was fired when it was reported that the top writer for the program had posted racist, sexist and homophobic remarks on AutoAdmit, a website that traffics in hateful commentary. Here you see some of his most recent posts. Neff worked on the show for more than three years.

Carlson response to the controversy surrounding his former staffer caught Roland Martin’s eye. During Tuesday’s edition of #RolandMartiniUnfiltered, Roland deconstructed Tucker’s comments and Neff flying under radar spewing racist comments online … #PressPlay.

👀 Watch the 07.14.2020 edition of #RolandMartinUnfiltered https://youtu.be/iPG9WTufuqU